Legends of The Arena Championship – Last Fighter Standing

Last Fighter Standing calls for Fighting Legends to Return to Action

Following the announcement of several tournaments in the Last Fighter Standing (LFS) global championships, the organisers are pleased to announce that another tournament has been added to the calendar.

“Just because we are over 50, doesn’t mean we need to be put out of action. Fighting spirit dwells in fighters of all ages, and with the years of experience we are always combat ready. I’ve still got it in me and I know there are many others that have to, as word has spread and I have been inundated with calls.”

Indeed, the fast two-minute rounds (three of them per fight), suit all the fighters – young or old. “There should be no reason for guys my age to stop fighting besides for one and that is personal choice. We have created this tournament LFS Legends of the Arena, so that many others like me who are still hungry for Glory can also have a chance to follow their passion.”

Further adding to the visual appeal and required dexterity, are ground-breaking rules such as the 20-seconds on the ground rule, which prevents fighters from wasting time on the ground. This has been done to enhance the overall entertainment quality of the fights for spectators. From a fighter’s perspective, this means the rounds will be faster and more explosive so they will need to think on their feet. Considering that over 85% of the world’s fighters are from standing combat disciplines, these new innovative carefully tailored to suit all styles’ rules and will bring fighters from all styles to participate, giving spectators all over the world the best fighting entertainment yet, with fresh talents joining the ranks of the legends!

LFS is explosive entertainment!

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  • jonny • 5 years ago

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