Americas – Tournament of Nations – Last Fighter Standing

Last Fighter Standing – The Americas Tournament of Nations announced
Crossing the North-South Divide – New world sport promises ‘Explosive Entertainment’

Get ready for a new explosive, fierce and hugely competitive all-styles combat championship that has made the fighting world stand to attention. Offering a prize purse of a total of $1 million to the 2016 Last Fighter Standing World Championship, the Last Fighter Standing series of tournaments is rapidly attracting the worldwide attention of fighters, promoters, and spectators alike.

Adding to the growing global requests for tournaments, the organisers have today released notification of the next World Championship pre-qualifiers. The LFS Americas Tournament of Nations will see top fighters representing their countries from North, Central and South America meet in the hexagon to fight it out for the top honours.

While there has been many disputes about who has the best fighters in those regions, by way of MMA and the boxing tournaments, LFS brings you an equally balanced, all-style, unified platform to give contenders from all fighting disciplines equal opportunities. With the inclusive elimination process, this is a first-of-its-kind Championship that will truly identify, by all measures, a true American Nations fighting champion!

Designed to suit all-fighting styles, LFS has intentionally been intended for maximum participator, spectator and viewer value. The rules are balanced, keeping the fights raw and adrenaline-packed. There are many unique selling points for this tournament. Besides the all-new hexagon-shaped ring, there are also rules that make this sport a new global phenomenon.

Fighters have a limit of 20 seconds on the ground. There are two minutes per round and three rounds per fight. This ensures more energetic fights and encourages fighters to bring their all to the table. Only a foot sweep, a hip throw or a knock down is allowed. Fighters will need to use more skill to take down their opponent. They will also need to show extra wit to finish their opponent with limited time allowed.

Adding to the attraction and competitiveness of the continental championship is the propensity for national champions to include a touch of cultural martial arts. At any of the LFS Americas fights, spectators can expect to see combinations of Vale Tudo – where anything goes – to traditional karate, American Kickboxing and Wrestling, Ju-Jitsu and Okichitaw, a Canadian indigenous martial art based on the fighting techniques of the Plains Cree First Nations.

In addition to introducing unique flair to the fights by encouraging the use of localised standing fighting disciplines, LFS is also helping to preserve ancient practises at risk of disappearing.

Another hallmark of LFS is that male and female competitors have equal opportunities with the same prize money, recognising the efforts required from both genders to train, participate and succeed under the same set of rules.

LFS has been five years in the making and rigorously tested. We have examined the existing tournaments, spoken to fighters from all disciplines, promoters and broadcasters and we are now confident that we have created the next evolution in global all styles fighting tournaments and explosive entertainment.

Coming from a time when there were no weight divisions and limited rules, our vision is to create the greatest fighting tournament the world has ever seen and a platform where fighters from all fighting disciplines have equal opportunities to compete against each other. New rules focus on the strength and ability of the contenders. It guarantees that the sport is faster, more skills-based and more engaging.


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